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The training that was provided at the Cyber Center took place in a very successful learning environment. After taking classes at a variety of learning institutions, including large and small ones, as well as some that were hosted online, I've come to the conclusion that the interactive training that is provided by Cyber Center is the most efficient means of instruction. The Cyber Center's training facilities provide students with a calm environment in which to do academic work and are equipped with advanced technology that makes it simple for instructors and learners to communicate with one another.

Md. Mustak Shahorear

Not only was it quite obvious that Robiul has a great deal of expertise working with Excel, but his enthusiasm for the topic was also contagious! His expertise in the program was clear when he was able to troubleshoot our difficulties fast and then explain what had occurred so that we realized why there was a problem rather than simply knowing what the problem was. He showed great patience by explaining things again if someone missed anything, and his knowledge of the software was evident when he did so. If he were to teach more courses, I would jump at the chance to attend them.

Md. Roknuzzaman

The course information was very well organized, and it covered a broad variety of topics that were linked to computers. The trainers have an extensive amount of both general and specialized expertise in their respective disciplines. Everyone who is interested in upgrading their computer abilities or pursuing a career in the information technology business should consider attending the computer training center at the Cyber Center. The center offers instruction of the highest caliber, together with first-rate facilities and a hospitable atmosphere conducive to learning.

Md. Zahidul Islam

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